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Smart diagnostic tools built

for horizontal wells.  

Our proprietary MSET device incorporates the latest sensor technology, smart engineering and rugged design. 

One run isolates individual zones to provide detailed production and pressure transient analysis for diagnosing water issues, fracturing effectiveness and reservoir deliverability problems.


 Measure oil, gas and water

Fingerprint oil types

  Depleted pressures

Water Production

         Identify stages producing water

         Optimize waterfloods

         Fingerprint source of water


Frac Optimization

        Measure frac conductivity

        Compare stages

        Identify Re-frac candidates


Industry Feedback

Reservoir engineer of a mid sized Bakken producer

•When asked what % of wells would you run this service- he replied “all of them”

Canadian Heavy oil Manager of mid sized producer

•This application could have significant impact on monitoring our upcoming flood program in Heavy oil

Former CEO of a major oil company

•This technology should be a game changer in the shale plays in North America

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Best presenting company - Resource Recovery and Management Stream
Most promising startup at RICE Alliance OTC - Houston 2018
Sparx 2017 winner
1st place in Sparx innovation competition at Global Petroleum Show

Innovation Recognition

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